Logic Biosciences

Logic Biosciences is transforming the treatment of chronic pain by advancing exclusively pain-focused novel non-opioid therapies. Our objective is to conduit the safety and efficacy gaps in the current approaches and available therapies for chronic pain management with a primary focus to target Oral Mucositis induced pain.

Oral Mucositis (OM) refers to erythema and ulceration of the oral mucosa, as a side-effect of cancer treatment. OM can occur secondary to systemic chemotherapy for various cancers and/or secondary to radiation therapy RT for head and neck H&N cancer. OM affects approximately 20-40% of patients receiving conventional chemotherapy regimens for solid tumors, about 80% of patients receiving high-dose chemotherapy in preparation for a hematopoietic stem cell transplant HSCT, and almost 100% of patients receiving therapeutic RT for H&N cancer. It is estimated by the Mattson Jack Group that about 400,000 patients suffer from OM each year, in the US alone. The pathogenesis of OM is complex. It includes not only direct damage to oral epithelial cells by cancer therapy, but also upregulation of inflammatory pathways, and secondary infection of the oral ulcerations, both of which can further aggravate the severity of OM.